Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Maggie,

Dear Maggie,

I want you to know how I am feeling right now. I love you so much that words can not explain. You have blessed my life more than you will ever know.  I thought I knew what it felt like to experience joy, love, meaningfulness, and appreciation, but you coming to me has shown me a new side of all the emotions I ever knew. I felt amazing love for you since I heard your heartbeat and it only grows stronger every single day.  I know that our experiences together, both the rocky and the smooth, are bonding us closer to one another. I feel like when I look at you, you are telling me how much you love me and I know that I am your number one.  I know that I do not always look physically beautiful to the world, but you make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the universe! You give my life meaning, and I do not care what anyone else on earth says or thinks because you could not be more perfect!  God himself crafted you with his own two hands, and sent you strait to me. I don't know what I did to be worthy of that honor, but I will live up to His expectations if I do nothing else.

Before you came, I never could have just sat around the house like I do now and feel OK about it, but now that you are here, there is nothing better for me to do but be with you and help you to become the fantastic girl that you already are! It is so fun to see you discovering new things and growing with each day. You are so loved by your family and you always will be! You hold a special place in all of their hearts!

If you ever feel any doubt about the reality of your Heavenly Father and Savior, you just need to look at what they gave to your mommy. If I didn't already believe He was real, I would because of you. You are my life's miracle and I hope that you always feel that! Maggie, I sincerely LOVE you with all of my being and I am very grateful to call you mine.




Mandy Boyer said...

I don't know if I should read this post being pregnant with a girl-my eyes are totally filled with tears at work right now. This is SOoo sweet--please print this for Maggie to read when she is older. Your blog is adorable and so are YOU, Nick, and Maggie. Hope all is well. You are so sweet.

Carlie said...

awwwww. Tender. I am excited to feel that one day, maybe. Im so happy for you and that you are doing well and love her so much. That is so sweet

CJ and Kate said...

Niki, you're such an awesome mommy. I agree with post above you totally gotta print this for her and put it in her room. Niki, I was seriously trying so hard not to cry, (pregnancy :) ) So tender.

Ary said...

Love, love, love this so much. I am thinking about writing a letter like yours to Celeste. Thanks for the great idea!