Monday, January 25, 2010


Yes... This is not a blog about Maggie... This is about My SUPERMAN!!! a.k.a. Nicholas Wayne Hendershot
I just was thinking the last few days about how much I truly love and appreciate him! He has been so sick for the last month, pretty much, but has he stopped doing what he has to do for one second? NOPE! He just keeps on going and going like the energizer bunny! He helps me out with WHATEVER I ask him to, pretty much whenever also!! I have to be one hundred percent honest when I say that becoming a parent is the best thing in the whole entire world, but if I said it was easy for Nick and me I would be a liar. It is hard because we don't get a fraction of the quality time together that we used to, but it truly does make each second that we have alone a lot more meaningful! I definitely appreciate Nick's dang cute smile and his cheery personality, and how he makes me laugh even when he's trying to be serious.  Most of the time he will even stop at the store after a long hard day of work and school to get dinner because I don't during the day. And he aparently still thinks I am cute even when I don't get to looking in the mirror all day long.

I guess my feelings in a nutshell are that I am just hopelessly in LOVE with this fella! He is such a breath of fresh air to me and such a fantastic husband and daddy. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be the one to call him mine until the end of time! Bring it on, Eternity, because with Nick by my side I can handle anything thrown at me and I will be excited for it! :)



Carlie said...

ohhhhhhh tender!! I love it. He is so cool. I love the pics. i am way glad you are happy. love you girlie

CJ and Kate said...

Niki, you're so cute :) You and Nick make such a cute couple, everytime nicks looks at you, you can tell how much love he has for you and that he truly loves you.

Mandy Boyer said...

You two are so cute-I always have thought so ever since ya'll taught the marriage and family class. Very sweet. I call my husband Superman too. :)