Monday, January 3, 2011


This year I will be a better blogger...

But I did set some other goals...

1. go to the temple monthly with my Hubby
2. continue strengthening my relationship with my Savior
3. take better pictures, not necessarily more, but just better ones.
4. continue exersizing and stop eating when I am full (duh!)
5. stay positive
6. improve on something each day
7. weekly dates with Hubby
8. always be reading a good book
9. live more providently

Nothing too flashy or difficult because I want to be able to stick to them this time! :)

Here are some things I accomplished in 2010...
-got my esthetics license!
-moved to Springville
-started exersizing!
-lost 8 lbs!
-kept the Magster alive and happy
-discovered solutions to my health speedbumps
-read half of the Book of Mormon on my own
-got closer to My Savior
-strengthened relationships with Hubby, family and friends

Have a great year everyone!!!

I know we will! :)