Monday, January 25, 2010


Yes... This is not a blog about Maggie... This is about My SUPERMAN!!! a.k.a. Nicholas Wayne Hendershot
I just was thinking the last few days about how much I truly love and appreciate him! He has been so sick for the last month, pretty much, but has he stopped doing what he has to do for one second? NOPE! He just keeps on going and going like the energizer bunny! He helps me out with WHATEVER I ask him to, pretty much whenever also!! I have to be one hundred percent honest when I say that becoming a parent is the best thing in the whole entire world, but if I said it was easy for Nick and me I would be a liar. It is hard because we don't get a fraction of the quality time together that we used to, but it truly does make each second that we have alone a lot more meaningful! I definitely appreciate Nick's dang cute smile and his cheery personality, and how he makes me laugh even when he's trying to be serious.  Most of the time he will even stop at the store after a long hard day of work and school to get dinner because I don't during the day. And he aparently still thinks I am cute even when I don't get to looking in the mirror all day long.

I guess my feelings in a nutshell are that I am just hopelessly in LOVE with this fella! He is such a breath of fresh air to me and such a fantastic husband and daddy. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be the one to call him mine until the end of time! Bring it on, Eternity, because with Nick by my side I can handle anything thrown at me and I will be excited for it! :)


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Silly Girl!

So the other day, Nick was playing video games and Maggie was just hanging out, playing with her toys on the floor.  Ok, I guess I better say that she was in this weird hyper mood and somehow ended up in her diaper and nothing else (because she LOVES her clothes off!)  Anyway, she was just playing with her toy and watching the TV when suddenly, she would start to fall asleep, still holding on to her toy, then suddenly wake up and continue her playing! This went on for a little while, then Nick and I decided that she probably better go have a nap.  So Nick went to pick her up and she grabbed onto her toy for dear life... Like she was saying, "NOOO! I want to play!!!) Needless to say, as soon as she was put in her crib, she went right to sleep! Ha ha ha! It was hillarious!!

I got it on video, but I don't know how to get stuff from the Video camera to the computer... Maybe someday I will figure it out!! :)

Maggie is such a joy, she is getting even more fun with each new day!! She got her shots today and it was really sad, but she has just recently started doing this little pouty lip thing and it is really cute to see it in action.. Like when she could tell the nurse was about to do something mean, and when the doctor was putting his cold hands on her, or when she just wants a little attention, the pouty lip thing is sure to be there! And the doctor said he could feel the beginnings of a tooth coming in already!! CRAZY!!

I absolutely ADORE being a mother and watching every little thing about her change as she grows! :) It is the best job anyone could EVER have!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I guess it hasn't been that long since I've blogged, but I just thought I would update about what's been going on with us lately! :)

So Maggie is officially 4 months old today and I can't believe it! She is such a bright spirit and a happy girl! She is finally getting over her tummy issues and is learning lots of things!
Here are a few:
almost rolling over!
smiles huge smiles all the time!
almost laughs!
almost sitting up by herself!
loves to stand and flirt with whoever is holding her up!
is always eating her hands!
is starting to play with toys!
can bring things to her mouth to eat them (like mommy's hands!)
lifts her head up when on her tummy!
scoots in circles!
still loves bathtime more than any time of the day!
kicks and splashes in the bath!
holds your hand when eating her bottle!
...and many more!

These pics are all from around Christmas time! We had such a fun Christmas! We went to my dad's organ recital at Temple Square on Christmas Eve like every year and opened up Christmas jammies from my mom and dad! Then we went to Nick's family to spend the night! It was really great, and we figured out that if we want to have sleepovers, the only way to keep Maggie happy is to make sure that she still has all of her stuff, like her bathtub, and her own place to sleep, etc.  Then on Christmas day we got to talk to Matt on his mission for a while, and of course, I was the first one to cry... Jeez, why do I have to be the emotional one!? ha ha.. Then we went to my family's and opened more presents and just had a fun lazy time! It was fabulous! :)

This was New Years day! It was one of the best New Year's ever! We had planned on going to my family's get together on New Year's eve, but last minute, we had found out that my mom had pneumonia and decided just to stay home! We got lots of yummy snacks and of course, Martinelli's and got ready like we were going to a party, and just partied by ourselves!! It was awesome! We even squoze in some Prison Break while we were at it!! (That is our new obsession!! Yay for Michael Scofield!) :)

Anyway, things have been going pretty good for us! Maggie just got over her first double ear infection!! Nick has been sick, but he's toughing it out! And I just slipped on the ice on Sunday and sprained my ankle really bad, but it seems to be feeling a little better each day! Yay! :)