Friday, October 22, 2010

My Love Affair with Music!

Along with my sweet Hubby, baby girl, families, and the Gospel, I am also in love with music!
Not just any music though, the kind that talks to you. The kind that can bring tears to your eyes. The beautiful kind! For example, Dave Matthews Band does this to me. As well as Sara Bareilles, Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Mo Tab, and many others...

Here are some reasons to love music:
-it is compassionate... There is a type of music for every single emotion you could be feeling...

-it cheers you up! Happy music on a not so happy day automatically turns it into a happy day!

-it time travels! can instantly take you back to a past time...

-it speaks your mind! ...lots of times if you have something to tell someone, but can't find the words, there is usually a song that would do the job for you!

-it puts babies to sleep! ...seriously?! can something that does this job be anymore heaven sent?

-it brings the spirit! ...very often, when there are songs sung in church, or even just listening to spiritual music, I find tears in my eyes!

-It helps me to see the world as Heavenly Father does! ...When I don't feel so cute, or feel begrudgingly about any of the things in my life, or in the world, music usually puts a different more eternal perspective on things...

-it motivates and inspires! ...don't feel like working out today? pop in some headphones with a great tune and you're out on your feet in no time! :)

mmmm... I am so grateful for music!


syd.chris said...

i loooooove that you are blogging a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

amen sista! I could not have said it better! :)

Gillian Mohlman said...

I looooooove sara bareilles!!! SOO much!! She is coming to concert next month! we should totally go!