Thursday, October 21, 2010

D.I. :)

Oh my, I so love the D.I. & Savers! One of my favorite things is treasure hunting, and finding things that some people might think of as ugly, or even hideous, and them doing my own thing to them and making them beautiful! So very fun! I just got a few new things to do just that to, so pictures will come soon! :)

And the Hobby Lobby in Orem opened!! Wow, that place is amazing! Nick has been talking about building a dollhouse for Mags someday, and I have looked online for kits and such... But they have a bunch of kits and everything to go with them at the Hobby Lobby!! I am so excited! I don't know when we will do that, probably next year sometime because Maggie is not old enough to really enjoy it yet. But it is really exciting to see them actually there! YAY!


syd.chris said...

i totally feel you! SOOO much fun! i feel like my whole apartment is filled with "junk" :)
I wish I was there to treasure hunt with you and remodel! ;)
that is soooo awesome about the hobby lobby opening up in orem! wow! and about the doll house! such a cute thing. Mag would looove that! you three are my faves. love you miss you dearly. xoxo

Mandy said...

I NEED to go to DI more. I seriously have never re-finished anything from there and I LOVE that type of thing. I need to follow your example....can I see some pics of your personalized treasures???? :)