Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yes, I know, it has been too long! And as for my last post; 2011 did NOT make me be a better blogger. But I assure you, I was busy doing many other things! Such as-

Keeping my little Maggie alive!
discovering my parenting style
discovering how to be a parent, and still be ME, and be a WIFE too! (something I'm sure I will be discovering forever)
looking for a home
fixing up our home
moving into our home
feeling yucky
visiting doctors trying to find out why I was feeling yucky
FINALLY figuring out why I was feeling yucky!
strengthening my family relationships
strengthening my relationship with my Heavenly Father
laughing a lot
discovering PINTEREST
having to trash my beloved BUBARSU.. :(
replacing it with an Explorer (which I totally love)
NOT having internet!
paying off some debt! (wahoo!!)
camping a lot!
taking a trip to the beautiful OREGON coast!
trying to be happy and live each day to its fullest!

The good news is that I we finally got internet at our home! So.... Maybe this girl will blog every once in a while... Who knows??


Kira said...


Shelley said...

sounds like it's been a mostly good year :-) so glad that this year brought you to payson too!

Unknown said...

Oh, my baby! I love that I get to read your blog! I haven't ready any blogs for years, but I LOVE yours! It's so fun to see inside my frister and inside your world. I am so blessed to get you for my forever frister. I adore you, babe. Xoxo