Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer 2010 Part 1

Since I am so very far behind I have decided to update in a few parts! :) Let me just say that we have had a fabulous summer!  I am so sad that Nick is back to school, but it is ok because he will be done someday and it will be good!

First of all, we moved to SPRINGVILLE! :) We so love it here! It feels great to be closer to our families! I love that I don't have to pack a duffel bag to go places now! I feel like I have grown a lot closer to both of my sweet families and Maggie too! She loves to be around friends and have people to play with! I have not yet taken pictures of our place, but I will and will post them soon! 

Second of all, I have put myself of kindof a "spriritual rehab" thing, not like I was ever apostate or anything, I just felt like I wasn't necessarily working on my testimony, so it really needed some fuel. Anyway, I went to Education Week and I so loved it! I found some new speakers that I had not heard before and totally sucked it all in! This year was a lot harder for me to go because I had to sacrifice a lot of time with my Hubby, and my MagPie, but I think it helped me to get more out of it. After learning what I did there, I decided to start the Book of Mormon and read it from start to finish all by myself (because sadly, I have never done that before!! I know, how embarrassing!) Let me just say that I have been missing out!  I have felt so much more of the Spirit in my life and have felt so many blessings from reading that!  I am still working on it, but as of yet I am further along than I ever have been on my own! Yay!

Here are some pics from June/July...
Yay!! Cousin Jax graduated from preschool! He is now in kindergarten! Big boy! They are so in love!

This was such a fun day! I was sick, but this is the same doctors office that I went to when I was a kid, and Mag got to go play in the same playroom! It's funny how the silliest things can bring me so much joy!

The big girl carseat!! She loves it! Especially now that she is 1 and can have it facing forward! I get so scared that I am going to wreck all the time though, because I keep on looking back to check her out all the time! :)

Once upon a time, Niki didn't realize that she was almost out of diapers for her baby girl. Shortly afterwhich, the baby girl pooped... Niki then had to scrounge up some newborn sized diapers and tape them together so that she could take Maggie to the store to buy diapers!
The End!
Ha ha ha... Fun memories!

The Maggster HATES to be dirty... HATES, HATES, HATES it!! More stories about this to come in Summer 2010 part 2!

At the festivities in Spanish Fork on the 24th of July.

I love those little feet in those little shoes! So dang cute! She always puts her feet up in the stroller!

On my birthday we went to Park City with my Mom's side of the family. It was so much fun! Nick went golfing with James and accidentally took the car keys and my swimming suit and pretty much everything was in the car! Everyone there with me decided to go swimming at the Hotel, so me and Mag decided to just kill time! We got kinda bored, so we ended up just finding clothes to swim in and jumped on in! We had a lot of fun in Park City!

This is how we found Maggie in the morning in Park City! What you may not be able to see is that her entire right arm and entire left leg are both completely out of her pajamas! Don't ask me how she managed to do that! And then her face was so burrowed into the corner the only possible way she could breathe is because the side of the bed is mesh so it has holes in it! Ha ha ha, she always cracks me up!

My cute Hubby... We kinda like each other!

My lil' sista Erin was riding in the back of the car with Maggie and all of a sudden she started saying "OW" so, curious me stuck my camera back there to see what was going on, and this is what I saw! Ha ha ha, with a grand total of 8 teeth, Mag's bites feel pretty brutal!

Summer 2010 part 2 - coming soon!


syd.chris said...

i love!!
so cute! i have been wanting an update :) cant wait for the sequal.
ya'll are the best!

syd.chris said...
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Mandy said...

Great post, Niki! I, too am attempting to put myself on a spiritual reboosting thingy...simply because I felt like I was plateauing...which really is declining....because there is no plateauing. ANYWAY, great reminder for me. Maggie is STILL a doll and ya'll are such a cute family! Glad ya'll moved too. :)