Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mr. Sun! :)

Yesterday my cute sister, Christy and I took our "babies" for a walk in the beautiful sunshine!  I think that in the midst of all this winter and stuff going on, I just kinda forgot how amazing it feels to be in the sunshine! It is so healing and refreshing and it really just makes me feel good!

Maggie liked it too!! She was asleep before we were halfway through! :)

So, being in the sunshine led us to decide that we are going to get season passes to Seven Peaks!! That way we can have a good excuse to get outside even when we don't have extra money later! Fabulous idea, isn't it?!

So I am also starting a program to get in shape, and am so excited about it! It is called Alli. I heard of it before, but I thought it was just a pill that you took, but turns out it is a whole program and support system that is customized for you and it is wonderful! It will help me to develop healthy eating and exercising habits that will last for a lifetime (hopefully!) But I am really excited! :)


CJ and Kate said...

You will have to let me know how the Alli program goes, maybe after I have this baby I can do it with you :)

Heather said...

Dave and I got alli to test it together cause it's so expensive and we like it... your gonna poop a lot of the fat that was in your meal out... meaning you will want to stop eating bad foods so you don't sit on the toilet all day long :)